Fred Astaire

[One of the few times I wouldn’t wear the exact outfit Fred Astaire did, but still a mark of his individual style: off-white slacks with rolled-up cuffs; white shoes and white shirt; star-patterned fabric for socks, scarf-belt, and neck scarf bringing three points of common pattern along his body; expression showing the amount of G-forces Mr. Astaire underwent in one of his dance moves.]

3 thoughts on “Fred Astaire

  1. I agree with both points (I wouldn’t wear the exact outfit, and it’s a mark of his individual style), but I’m wondering what your reasons are.

    Those matching socks, scarf-belt, and ascot are killer. I’m finding it hard to decide whether that’s over the top, the reason the outfit works, or both.

  2. This being from the “Say It With Firecrackers” routine from the Fourth of July segment in Holiday Inn. The attire is performance specific & appropriate. However, as it falls into the costume catagory (like an ape-suite) I doubt he have worn it on the street. (Caveat – unless there was some promotion in progress for this film.)

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