Norman Granz

[Norman Granz: Cardigan under blazer. Understated pattern of the blazer’s texture serves as hype man to the bold pattern of the tie. Wide-ribboned fedora. The stylishness of his outfit is only heightened by the stylishness of his life; a life spent fighting racism, serving Jazz music, and often fighting racism through jazz music.]

Recommended by Michael Milazzo.
“I really like the use of a cardigan instead of a vest, especially with the one off-color button.”

2 thoughts on “Norman Granz

  1. Is the one button off-color, or is it reflecting the light differently? It seems to be angled more to the right than the other two.

    • Yeah, I think so…however, the different button idea is kind of a cool idea for getting a little eccentricity into a wardrobe.

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