Gio & Voon in NY (1)

[Voon & Gio: I found out two incredibly fashionable men are hitting the town in New York for a few days. I asked them if they wouldn’t mind sending me some of their pictures. Here’s the first batch. (there may be more!?!?)]

[Voon, Heidi, Andrea, and Gio: Voon pulls off shorter sleeves on a jacket, including a nice touch with the shorter shirt sleeve matching. The fine pattern of the hat and large pattern of the check of the jacket support each other. Heidi shows her always classic and well-fitting fashion. Andrea shows elegant simplicity with a simple dress tightened with a thin belt. Gio’s vintage-inspired outfit — complete with turn-of-the-century collar and Southern Gothic string tie is given a lot of personal style by contrasting conservative colors with bold bright ones in both the pants and handkerchief.]

[Joe: Showing that even simple fashion can still prove you’re a damn-finely dressed man.]

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