Vintage Rugby Team

Rugby Team
[Vintage Rugby Team — I love how in many vintage Rugby photos men are scattered, looking in different directions, and very rarely all wearing the same uniform. Note the coiled scarf around the man on the left, and the various simple patterns of sweaters and poses. We need more high-impact sports that use sweaters.]

Announcing: The First Ever Fine & Dandy Reader Challenge!

Though Autumn began today, the weather can still be hot and summery. The clothes you see in the stores often takes a dramatic turn from “summer” colors and patterns to “fall” colors and patterns. However, the season change is a slow transition.

The Challenge:
Come up with a Summer/Fall transitional outfit that combines both “summer” and “autumn” fashion ideas. Send in pictures. We’ll post them. Both male and Female Fine & Dandy readers may take part.

To weeks from now I’ll post the pictures.

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