From Summer to Fall: Transitional Outfits

[Here are the entries for the Fall & Dandy readers challenge to create an outfit that combines summer and autumn fashion ideas for that time of year when it isn’t quite either. As style is a personal preference, there are no winners or losers here; simply enjoy the inspiration.]

Voon Wai & Michael Milazzo

[Voon and Milazzo’s notes: Voon [left] tweed wool newsboy hat, Linen long-sleeve shirt and J. Crew wool nautical blazer, Rope braided and leather cream belt, 3/4 length houndstooth chef pants, striped Keds. Milazzo: green cotton checked shirt, green and navy silk bow tie, wool plaid jacket, khaki pants and green sebago boating shoes.]

[F&D: The time as summer transitions to fall is a time of comfort. The world is usually a nice mixture of temperatures that it feels good to be in. Voon and Milazzo’s outfits show how both a casual and more “business”y attire can still look incredibly comfortable to wear, and show the comfort of the season around them. In their outfits, the skin has a chance to feel the air, be refreshed by breathable fabrics, or be kept warm by layers. All at the same time.]

Beth Grover

[Beth’s notes: A lightweight rayon crepe dress, which is perfect for the Indian summer we’re having in Los Angeles, but the green and red tones are a great color transition to fall. The full outfit post will be up on my blog tomorrow or Sunday.]

[F&D: As Beth mentions, the fabric lightness and cut remember it’s summer, the colors show a longing for what’s to come. Simple and elegant.]

David Lee

[David’s Notes: Fall on top, summer on the bottom. Although it is after Labor Day, I hear you can still get away with off-white. I added more fall colors of blue, brown, and orange. I have a t-shirt if the temp is up, and sweater if the temp drops a little. Add the hat and scarf for a little more warmth. I wore without socks for a little breeze and summer feel. Items: Bass Weejuns loafers, Benjamin Bixby high-waisted pants, skinny belt, H&M striped shirt, H&M double-breasted cardigan, short cotton scarf, and brown Brixton fedora.]

[F&D: The contrast in colors and warmths have a boldness that pushes it outside of the box with a good amount of both swagger and sense. Another great example of an outfit that allows the body to experience the season around it in various ways all at once.]

Jaye Ferrone

[Jaye’s notes: My favorite white cotton dress from Modcloth; Olive green Vera Wang for Kohl’s tights (to compliment the colors of the scarf); Vintage men’s belt cut to size (I didn’t do that- found it in that condition); Steve Madden riding boots (love these so much- wear them year around) Blue/Burgandy paisley-esque scarf (gift from an incredibly thoughtful boyfriend.)]

[F&D: The outfit highlights comfort and color. The fabric all looks like it breathes and the colors combine the darker shades of fall (olives, browns, burgundies) with the colors of summer (whites, golds, the blue of the scarf.) The scarf makes the wearer’s eyes and hair pop.]

Bobby White (F&D author)

[Bobby’s notes: I didn’t realize until after I put the outfit together why the gold felt like such a good transitional color for this time of year: It’s the color of a summer day fading as well as a leaf turning. My limbs in this outfit are still hanging onto summer: no socks, paper hat, rolled up sleeves, light chinos. The scarf, the thickness of the sweater vest, the layers keep the torso warm. This is an outfit for taking a walk on one of those days that’s very sunny but surprisingly chilly.

Also, there are apparently headlights coming right for me.]

[F&D OVERVIEW: We were very pleased with the care, creativity, and personality that went into the outfits for this challenge. We’d like to give a special thanks to all those who contributed. We look forward to occasionally offering more reader’s challenges.

Also, we apparently don’t like socks.]

IF you created an outfit for this challenge but (1) sent it in and did not see it up here or (2) have yet to send it to me, or (3) are now inspired to come up with one, go ahead and do so at robertwhiteiii AT

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