Winter White

Corneliani,  Fall-Winter 2012-2013
[There still exists, sadly, some etiquette rules that seem based on seemingly arbitrary things. Such as not wearing white after Labor Day. Presumably this is under the belief that white is at its most natural as a summer color, and Labor Day is a good judge of when summer is over. However, just as the earth does not stop summer directly on Labor Day, just so is there no need to stop wearing summer colors and fabrics if they are still appropriate for the weather. Even so, who is to say that white is strictly a summer color? Weather-wise, white clothing can look gorgeous on a snowy night, or in contrast to a dark and gray landscape. This picture shows off the power of the latter — amongst a clutter of darkness, this man’s white winter outfit glows radiant.]

(It’s a pity the suit is obviously ill tailored for him)

5 thoughts on “Winter White

  1. “Winter white” is a classic, but it is not white, strictly speaking. It’s actually off-white or ivory, and in fabrics appropriate for winter, like wools, cabled cottons, or heavy silks. You wouldn’t wear white linen in winter, but you might wear ivory cashmere.

    • To me it doesn’t mater what shade of white it is…wear it if you feel it appropriate.


      Sent from my phone, though that doesn’t excuse *all* the spelling and grammar mistakes. Also, please forgive breif replies.

  2. It is funny the rules people think should apply to fashion. For example, I wore a plaid dress shirt unbuttoned with a striped t shirt underneath. The colors matched and mixing patterns is in they say, but someone commented to me that you can’t mix plaid and stripes. Just as I tried to soften the loud affect by matching colors, I think there are things you can do to make white less summery. Maya mentions heavvier fabrics, but there are others as well. For example even linen, you could pair with a heavier top or fall coat. So to sum, I think whether it works is not about violating some rule but about the impression of the overall outfit.

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