Clark Gable

Clark Gable

[Clark Gable — Deceptively simple. Yet his clothes have an incredible chemistry of color, fabric, and fit. Though he’s hunched slightly forward, his coat still fits incredibly well around the shoulders, neck, and arms. His sleeves are short enough to show some of his cuff (which we here at Fine & Dandy always love, though your tailor might not) which is mirrored in his pants. The red socks add such a nice punch to the otherwise gentle colors of the outfit, yet they don’t seem too attention-starved. He’s wearing a sweater under his coat, which so many well-dressed men wore in 30s Hollywood, despite the fact that it hardly ever seems like it would have been cold enough to do so. The ribbing on the sweater matches the ribbing of the socks. It has often been said in old-school fashion books that a pair of grey flannel trousers is the most versatile pair of pants to have. This subtle outfit is merely one example of why they are such a staple of classic men’s fashion.]

One thought on “Clark Gable

  1. Interesting that Clark Gable had only the red socks . Usually people complement the colored socks with the same solor pocket square or neck tie.

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