The Duke

The Duke
[The Duke of Windsor — Mixing pattern and plain. Also, buttoning only the bottom button of his coat, not only the top. And yet still it works, because of the buttons position relative to his torso (and it allows the vest more visibility, whereas a top button would leave it mostly covered. The Duchess is very well dressed, too.)]


2 thoughts on “The Duke

  1. But that buttoning stance can only really occur since the jacket is constructed to roll that way. Not much different than a 3 roll 2 that BB is famous for. But how could you forget to point out the pocket detailing?! Pretty slick double besom that are angled, or “hacked”, and appear to have a slight curvature. Not sure if that is because they are tailored that way or if he just had something in his pockets.

  2. I’d love to see the Duchess’ blouse…intriguing neck detail. Also, no one makes nipped waist jackets like that anymore for women’s suiting… *sigh*

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