The Russian Watch

watch[My 24-Hour watch from Russia —


1. It allows you to see the day as a whole
2. It’s great for teaching in Europe, which operates on 24 hour time
3. It’s got a nice Explorer-style view of Antarctica
4. It’s got penguins on it
5. Theoretically, the center of the watch, where the hands meet, could be the south pole, and, therefore, theoretically, the map could be situated on the dial so that the hour hand would accurately show the direction of the sun. However, the fact that earth’s orbit is elliptical, as well as off-kilter, throws a wrench in that, I believe. (Comments regarding these theories welcome.)
6. I actually like having a watch that has to be wound. Good for ADD fingers that like having occasional action.


1. Having all 24 hours listed means that you have to look close to see the time.
2. If, on a normal watch, you base your calculation of minutes on the relationship between the minute hand and the nearest number, like I do, then this throws you off when there’s suddenly 24 numbers on the face instead of 12. So, the number “3” no longer equals “15 minutes” and “9” no longer equals “45 minutes” past the hour, as far as the minute hand is concerned.
3. The seal leaks, so moisture gets in the face.
4. The hour hand slows down a bit. It’s sad that, despite it looking cool, it isn’t particularly well made.
5. Despite the fact that you can see your entire day laid out, 8 hours of the watch face is kind of useless real estate (the time I sleep). It sounds strange, but it does have a pretty large effect on how much I like the watch. I never thought before how a 12-hour watch face is kind of magical, really — no matter what half of the day it is, it always shows you a face worth of useful information. You might argue the 24 hour watch shows you your day realistically — the time you sleep is still a subset of the day. However, there are so many numbers on the dial that I personally can’t look at the face and see an entire day as a while. I just see a bunch of hours. After it’s all said and done, I think I prefer the minimalist 12-hour face.]


One thought on “The Russian Watch

  1. Pros:
    1. Penguins
    2. Some people tend to tell time/use a 24 hour system as well, so you never look silly for having to ask for a translation!
    3. Lake Vostok is badass.
    4. PENGUINS.

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