F&D Winter Reader Challenge: A Different You

different you titleIf you read Fine & Dandy, then you probably think about how the clothes you wear express part of your personality. This challenge should be a fun one that gives you the chance to try out a different personality, if only for a moment. And you don’t have to spend a dime.

THE CHALLENGE: To add a little zaniness to your holiday shopping, take a moment to go into a clothes store you would normally never shop in, or at least one that advertises to a different personality than yourself. (The skies the limit, take a risk!) Make an outfit of the clothes you find there, try them on in the dressing room, and snap a picture in it.

This outfit could be (1) an outfit you would never wear in public because it’s not your personality, or (2) and outfit that maybe IS your personality in some way, because of the specific clothes you selected and how you decided to wear those clothes. Send it to robertwhiteiii@gmail.com, and any notes you wish to add about the experience. I’ll put them together into one post!

Both women and men encouraged to take part!

Deadline is December 23rd!


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