Walt Disney & Animators

Group of Nickerbocker men

[Walt Disney & Animators in the 1920s: All men who are wearing the same fashion, but different takes on it. The main thing is how they’ve divided the body into top, middle and bottom, and have played with where they put pattern where. Should it go in the stockings, knickerkbockers, or sweaters? Though there are different combinations, note that no one has a pattern on all three. One or two seems to be the right amount. The sweaters are all tucked into the pants, which I love.]

* Special thanks to Mary Ann Carothers for tracking down the information on this picture.

3 thoughts on “Walt Disney & Animators

  1. Wow, I love this picture, my favorite so far! I own a pair of original knickerbockers and this picture is a wonderful inspiration how to combine them with sweaters.

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